Test scores
Our students have competitive test scores on standardized tests.

8th grade Catholic and public high school acceptances
Our 8th graders are accepted to top Catholic and public high schools including
St. Edmund, Bishop Ford, Nazareth, Brooklyn Tech, Brooklyn Latin, and LaGuardia.

Amount of scholarships to Catholic high schools
The Class of 2012 ,has received $194,000 in scholarships to Catholic High Schools.


The Principal
Arlene Barcia

The Board Chair
Walter Campbell

From the Principal and Board Chair

Welcome to Our Lady of Trust School where we offer an excellent education in a safe and nurturing environment to children from Preschool through 8th Grade. We feature two campuses: the ST. JUDE CAMPUS, 1696 Canarsie Road, which offers classes from the Nursery for 3-year-olds through 8th Grade, and the OUR LADY OF MIRACLES CAMPUS, 744 East 87th Street, which offers classes from Pre-K through 8th Grade.

Just like institutions of higher learning with multiple campuses, we see many advantages to being one academy with two sites. Both campuses have the same governing board of directors, students participate in joint assemblies and liturgies and share after school activities, and teachers collaborate on curriculum development.

At Our Lady of Trust School, we acknowledge that each student has differing abilities, and interests, and that learning occurs at different paces. It is the goal of the school to use differentiated instruction while providing an atmosphere of caring and trust with relation to God and others.

We strictly follow and adhere to the New York State Learning Standards and the Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines in all subject areas. Our teachers believe that it is their role not only to teach, but to guide students on their journeys to become life-long independent learners. They have a commitment to and a stewardship role in caring for God’s children and stand ready to help the children attain the best they can academically, to encourage them in living God’s word, and to participate fully in the life of the school.

Please call 718-241-6633 or 718-649-0271 to arrange a tour and discuss how our program suits your child’s abilities and interests. More information about our school is available at We offer financial assistance, and welcome children of every race, religion, ethnic, and cultural background to our school.

Walter Campbell, Board Chair
Mrs. Arlene Barcia, Principal
Mrs. Nicole Loseto, Assistant Principal


Mission Statement
Mission The mission of Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy is to enlighten, educate and empower our students to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ and to reach their full academic potential by providing a Christ centered, diverse and caring environment. Values and Belief Statements Educational Excellence – We believe in our commitment to educational excellence and the belief that all children should strive to achieve their academic potential. Respect -We believe that all children should be treated as individuals to ensure that they are respected and nurtured. Love – We believe that under the guidance of Our Lady of Trust, the school fosters and creates an atmosphere of warmth, care and love. Service – We believe that God is first and foremost in all we say and do. Everyone is of the highest worth and value, and we live this by giving service to others. Leadership – We believe in empowering our students to be leaders in the school, parishes and community. Community – We believe that we are a devoted family community that collaborates with parents, students and parish members. Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy services Canarsie and neighboring communities. Both Our Lady of Trust locations are committed to the educational mission of theCatholic Church, enabling our children to live and be educated on a daily basis in a spiritually nurturing and disciplined environment. We offer a safe, loving, cooperative learning environment based on mutual respect while providing quality education for grades Nursery through 8. We recognize our parents as full partners in our children’s education, and our faculty, staff, and parents have high expectations for all our students.

Course Offerings
Register for: Nursery for 3-year-olds at our St.Jude Campus.
Register for: Pre-Kindergarten for 4-year-olds; Kindergarten through 8th Grade at our St.Jude and Our Lady of Miracles Campuses.

Academic Excellence

Our two campuses strictly follow and adhere to the New York State Learning Standards, and Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines in all subject areas. Both sites feature SMART Board Technology, the Renzulli Web-based Learning System, Education for a Global Renaissance Career Development Program, science and computer labs, and a library.

Because our Preschool classes are housed in the same building as Grades K through 8, younger children have access to all the building’s amenities such as the library, gym, outdoor space, technology, art, music, assemblies, and concerts. Also, Preschool students see the older students as models for academic success, which enables them to make a smooth transition from Preschool to Kindergarten.

We find our small class sizes and attention to the needs of the individual are valuable to all students, and particularly helpful to those in the middle school years of 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades. In fact, research has praised the K-8 educational model by noting that student test scores and attendance in K-8 schools remain stable, while test scores and attendance often drop for many students who attend stand alone middle schools.

Enhanced Learning Environment

Our Lady of Trust School acknowledges that each student has differing abilities, and interests, and that learning occurs at different paces. It is our goal to provide an atmosphere of caring and trust with relation to God and others.

For students who are more advanced, we offer the Aquinas Honors program. We also accommodate students who need additional assistance by offering Title I services in reading, and math, and a guidance counselor.

We seek to develop healthy emotional and social growth in our students by participating in Yale University’s Emotional Literacy Program, and we work to strengthen our school through St. John’s University Collaboration for Excellence Program.

Offerings at Both Campuses
• SMART Board Technology
• Renzulli Web-based Learning System
• Education for a Global Renaissance Career Development Program
Science Lab
Computer Lab
Title I – Reading, Math
Guidance Counselor
Indoor Gym
Outdoor Play Area
Art & Music Classes
Scholastic Competitions
Religious Celebrations
Community Activities
Student Recognition Programs
Yale University Emotional Literacy Program
St. John’s University
Collaboration for Excellence Program

Shared Activities
Aquinas Honors Program
Student Council
Extracurricular Programs