From the Principal

Welcome to St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy located in the Prospect Lefferts Gardens section of Brooklyn.

Our academy offers students a safe and disciplined learning environment and serves the parishes of St. Gregory the Great, Holy Cross, St. Matthew, and Our Lady of Charity. In our academy, students develop intellectual reasoning skills and are given a framework for academic success. To reinforce and supplement intellectual and moral instruction, students are provided opportunities for spiritual growth through regular exposure to the teachings and practice of the Roman Catholic Church.

Cultural activities that reflect the heritage of our student population are part of school life. One way we celebrate the diversity of our students and their families is by displaying flags from their countries of origin throughout our building.

We fulfill our educational and spiritual mission through the hard work and commitment of our dedicated and trained administration, faculty, and staff who also reflect the diversity of our community. Teachers are encouraged to pursue opportunities for self improvement in ways that will positively impact students and the mission of our academy.

Please call 718-282-2770 or 718-774-3330 to arrange a tour and discuss how our program suits your child’s abilities and interests. More information about our academy is available at We offer financial assistance, and welcome children of every race, religion, ethnic, and cultural background to our academy.

Rudolph Cyrus-Charles

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